At a very early age, we start learning about our environment and the effects of pollution on nature and climate. We have been told time to time to sustain the resources and keeping the environment clean. People feel it is not one man’s job to take care of the environment, but the reality is that every bit counts. Here are some of the self help techniques which can keep the environment safe and clean.


Start your own small revolution

Creating awareness about the effects of pollution is the first thing that everyone should do. Teaching each other about the good and bad of using products which are harmful to nature is how the revolution will begin. It does not need to kick start on a big scale. Telling your family members and friend about it and spreading the word in a peaceful and more mature manner is the way to do it. Create blog posts, sign petitions, connect with your leaders to solve the environmental issues faced by people.

Refuse single use items

If the products you buy are not recyclable, refuse to purchase them. It might hurt your comfort at first, but a little sacrifice will help in saving nature. Plastic items like cups, bags, straws and disposable razors are some of the examples of single-use products. All of these things will only turn in waste and nothing more. Replace these products with reusable and recyclable products to create a much cleaner surrounding. The only way to avoid these products is to refuse them even before they enter your life.

Buy local food, eat plants, and dispost food waste

Many diseases occue due to open littering and decomposing of food waste. This attracts flies and maggots, which then causes a lot of diseases. Also, if you buy food products which are grown locally, you will be helping in a lot of ways. You are reducing the transportation, processing, and packaging of the products which will save a lot of fossil fuel as well as avoid harmful chemicals over the vegetables and plastic use. You can have a healthy diet with fresh vegetables everyday.

Plant trees to retain the soil

The very reason why the hills and mountains face landslides and erosion is that the trees are being cut, which is weakening the layers. Green areas in out cities are a vital part of the society. With the growing industrialization, the tress is being cut down every day. It is not only affecting the soil, but also the oxygen content in the air and the temperature of the place. It will support flora and fauna of the place.

Conserve water

There are different ways of saving water which varies from sustainable usage to rain water harvesting. There is a lot of industrial waste getting dumped in water every day.


Soon the condition will be worse than getting not getting drinking water at home. It will be difficult to get clean water if the same careless behaviours of industries and ourselves continue.

Ways to Keep the Environment Clean and Safe

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