1. Before your Clean Up

Select a Clean Up Site

Choose an area near you which you think is in need of a Clean Up. If you need some inspiration, your local council may be able to provide you with advice regarding suitable areas.

Please bear in mind when choosing your site that for health and safety reasons roadside Clean should only occur on local street and laneways unless you have permission from your local government. Please make sure all children are supervised.

Get permission to access your Clean Up Site

Your local government should be able to assist with this. If the site is on private land, you must obtain the landholder’s permission before proceeding.

Organise the removal of rubbish from your site

Will you be removing the rubbish yourself? If you would like your local government to assist you with removing the rubbish, please confirm this with them before registering on our website.
Register your Clean Up Site online, or download the registration form below and receive your Clean Up Kit
Clean Up Kits for sites registered for Clean Up Australia Day are sent out in March. Kits for sites registered at any other time of the year are sent out immediately and will take up to two weeks to arrive.

Basic Clean Up Kits contain:

– Rubbish and recycling bags
– Gloves
– A site supervisor vest
– Documentation including Site Guides and volunteer registration forms.
Copies of these may also be found here.

2. On the Day

For a more detailed checklist of activities to be completed on the day, please consult your Site Guide.

Put up a sign or banner to advertise your site
Set up your volunteer registration stall and position the risk warning poster
Hold a volunteer safety briefing
Welcome your volunteers, brief them about safety and how rubbish will be handled on the day. Assign appropriate tasks to volunteers.
Distribute bags and gloves to volunteers
Have fun!

3. At the end of your Clean Up event

Ensure that the removal of rubbish is organised
Make sure that rubbish is in an easily accessible for collection (i.e. as close as possible to the road) and not blocking public thoroughfares.
Thank volunteers and present certificates


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